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Behind the campaign

On this page, you can learn more about Denmark’s campaign, including the history behind the visual identity, and get an overview of all expenditures directly related to the campaign.

Campaign identity

Logo & design

The colour scheme behind the visual identity of Denmark’s campaign is inspired by the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN headquarters in New York. The Chamber was donated by Denmark and originally designed by Danish architect Finn Juhl in 1952. The campaign colours – dominated by bright green and navy blue – derive from the chairs in the chamber, while also referring to Denmark’s identity as a global green frontrunner and maritime nation.

The campaign logo is the Danish national bird, the swan, referring to both the H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” and the Nordic brand. The wings of the swan are inspired by the leaves of the olive branch; the classic symbol for peace encircling the UN logo.


Campaign expenditures 2020-2024

For transparency all expenditures directly related to Denmark’s Security Council campaign for the period 2020-2024 will be posted in this page. The table will be updated every six months and currently contains expenses posted as of 31 December 2023.

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Campaign-related travel activity [i]

0,00 DKK

98.157,49 DKK


731.531,02 DKK

0,00 DKK

Travel by the Special Represen-tative

0,00 DKK



350.412,22 DKK

0,00 DKK

Other campaign-related travel

0,00 DKK

32.723,69 DKK


381.118,80 DKK

0,00 DKK

Branding and information dissemination related to the campaign [ii]

141.514,60 DKK

2.127,99 DKK

1.542.140,85 DKK 

457.292,28 DKK

0,00 DKK

Communica-tion materials

133.098,60 DKK

0,00 DKK

630.650,00 DKK

21.187 DKK

0,00 DKK

 International launch  0,00 DKK  0,00 DKK 377.574,45 DKK  0,00 DKK 0,00 DKK 
 Merchandise  0,00 DKK  0,00 DKK 404.476,41 DKK

237.836,10 DKK

0,00 DKK 

Other branding or information dissemination activities

8.416,00,00 DKK

2.127,99 DKK


198.269,18 DKK

0,00 DKK

Salary for temporary campaign staff in New York [iii]

0,00 DKK

0,00 DKK

565.731,28 DKK

1.424.907,62 DKK

0,00 DKK


141.514,60 DKK

100.285,48 DKK

2.550.856,68 DKK

2.613.730,92 DKK

0,00 DKK

Total 2020-2024

5.406.387,68 DKK


i. Travel carried out by MFA staff, including the Special Representative and special delegations, where the main purpose relates to the campaign (e.g. bilateral travel and participation in international meetings).

ii. Expenses associated with promotional activities, including representation (catering, working lunches and dinner parties), building the campaign profile (visual identity, graphic design, videos, translation, campaign materials and academic products), and events (seminars, visits, exhibitions, and conferences related to the Danish candidacy).

iii. Salary for temporary UN Security Council campaign-related positions at the Danish UN Mission in New York.