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Why support Denmark

Denmark is a long-standing champion for multilateralism and rules-based international cooperation. As a founding member of the UN, we have supported the work and aspirations of the organisation since 1945. Our active engagement across all three pillars of the UN has enabled us to establish longstanding and strong partnerships with fellow member states, the UN-system and regional partners. We remain as committed as ever to fighting global inequality and injustices and to advance sustainable development, peace and security as well as human rights and human dignity


Striving for a world in balance - for current and future generations

  • The Kingdom of Denmark is a principled champion of UN core values and a long-standing advocate of rules-based multilateralism, human rights and international humanitarian law.
  • As a small country with a strong democratic tradition, Denmark understands the value of an international order where all countries – large and small – have an equal voice.
  • The principles of inclusion, participation and equal opportunities for all are core values to Denmark. We support democracy, human rights, good governance and rule of law at home and abroad.
  • International solidarity is a cornerstone of Denmark’s global engagement. Denmark has delivered 0.7 % of GDP as ODA for more than 40 years and is also a major humanitarian donor.
  • We promote gender equality and the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in all spheres of society, and as a key principle across our international engagement.
  • Denmark is a champion for effective and coordinated multilateral responses to the global crises on food, energy and finance.


Working to deliver on the aspirations of the UN Charter

  • Denmark is a founding member of the UN and a committed defender of the international rules-based order.
  • Building on its own democratic histo-ry, Denmark firmly believes that lasting peace and sustainable development can only be achieved by working together on the basis of mutual respect and dia-logue.
  • Denmark is a longstanding UN-partner for peace. We have contributed to UN peacekeeping since the first mission in 1948. Danish troops have served in more than 38 UN-led mis-sions.
  • Dedicated to conflict prevention and peacebuilding, Denmark remains fo-cused on addressing the root causes of conflict. Denmark is a top contributor to the UN Peacebuilding Fund.
  • Denmark is strongly committed to sustaining peace through inclusive and holistic approaches with the Women, Peace and Security agenda at the center.
  • We attach great importance to finding collective answers to the threats to in-ternational peace and security posed by the consequences of climate change.

Seeking common solutions to global challenges

  • Denmark is a bridge builder devoted to working with Member States from all regions to find new answers and move forward together.
  • As a champion of UN reform, Den-mark seeks to advance an inclusive and accountable UN that delivers on the sustainable development goals.
  • We believe in partnerships and a net-worked multilateralism that enables lo-cally owned solutions to global prob-lems.
  • Denmark is at the forefront of provid-ing ambitious and innovative green so-lutions to global challenges.
  • Climate solidarity is at the heart of Denmark’s international engagement. As we strive to reduce our own foot-print, we have also made major global commitments on climate adaptation and climate financing.
  • If elected to the Security Council, Denmark will be a strong voice for the meaningful engagement of non-members and civil society.