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Cross-cutting priority

Standing up for International Law, including International Humanitarian Law, and pushing for a more Accountable, Effective and Representative Security Council

The United Nations Security Council is essential to maintaining international peace and security. As a member of the Security Council, Denmark will work constructively and principled with fellow Member States to ensure that the Security Council delivers on the aspirations of the UN Charter and fulfils its vital mandate.

The world needs a Security Council that is willing and able to address the multiple crises and conflicts that threaten our collective security. Respect for common rules is indispensable to the cause of peace. It is the foundation for a world in which might does not make right. As a member of the Security Council, Denmark will work consistently across the range of issues on the Council agenda to defend international law, including international humanitarian and human rights law. Wherever relevant, we will do so with a special focus on the protection of civilians and humanitarian access and advancing accountability for violations.

As a member of the Security Council, Denmark will seek to make the Security Council’s working methods more transparent and inclusive. The world deserves a more representative Security Council that reflects the global diversity of the 21st century and responds to the concerns of people around the world. As momentum for fundamental reforms of the Security Council is growing, Denmark will work to strengthen interactions with the broader UN membership and relevant UN organs.